Best Shower Curtain Sets Review

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In this article, we will look at shower curtain sets i.e. we will briefly make a review of this bathroom item and then provide some examples of the best shower curtains sets you can buy for your bathroom.   

The good thing about shower curtains is that they are functional and yet decorative. While you can use them as a barrier when you have an over bath shower you can also use them to make a statement through using them decoratively in your bathroom.          

Buying a shower curtain set  

A shower curtain set normally comes as a package that includes, the curtain, liner, a rod, rings and hooks. You can also find those than come with additional bath accessories like rugs or mats, a 3pc towel set and more. 

Their general size is 70 inches wide by 72 inches high. For examples, you can find Blue Sea Shells Embroidered Split Pair Set with Tiebacks and One split pair shower curtain, which is 70"wide (2 - 35"panels), a 72in x 72inches, Hello Kitty Shoer Curtain Set, which  is made of polyester and a Betty Boop Set, which is also made of polyester.

Some other examples of sets you can buy include, the Dianna Marcum Design Patchwork Shower curtain, Avon spongebob, sunflower fabric set (comes with a liner and valance) and Disney Princess Shower Certain with Hooks.  

You can also buy a Vinyl Shower Curtain Set. In most instancesthey include 12 fashionable metal roller shower hooks. Also check out the floral set with valance. For luxurious bath that has the depth of multiple patterns, there is the Dransfield and Ross.

 If you are particluar with the type of material they you can treat yourself with a polyester make. I love one I saw wich had poly resin hoppy green frogs all over. you should consider this one especially if you or your family love animal prints or a Spiderman one if you love action heroes and are a reader of comics .

Cowboy shower curtain set  

You can decorate your bath with the bucolic charm of the old west. Buy a brightly colored Cowboy shower curtain and accessorize it with cowboy bathroom accessories like a wild west  tissue box, wall border, basket and lotion pump. Also make sure that the rings and hooks suite the wild wild west style.  

Floral shower curtain set  

Examples of a floral shower curtain include the  Abigail Beige Floral Shower Curtain set, which you can also get it with  rings/hooks (in a set of 12), African floral for as low as $11.95, Mirabella, Vera floral by Veratex, which comes with Veratex Bath Accessories. You can find these at  

Rose shower curtain set  

You can buy yourself a Pink Rose Shower Curtain set for a romantic look to your bathroom, Pasadena Pink Rose Shower Curtain, Tea Rose and Vintage Rose shower curtain. Some of these can be found at overstock and Home and Garden store.


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