Shower Curtain Rods

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 You probably have never thought of shower curtain rods as a decorative feature for your bathroom because you probably use them rods to hang up wet towels and bath mats but this article will show you how they can turn help improve the look and feel of your bath. At the end of the day, it is the little things like tank levers,       

decorative mirrors, towel bars and shower curtain rods that add an appeal when designing your bath. Since your bathroom is a very intimate place, it is important that you feel comfortable there.   

Even though Safety glass or plastic shower doors have replaced many shower curtains in recent years, there are still a number of homes and even hotels that use shower curtains and have the need for the best shower curtain rods. So while you are planning to buy your double swag, tropics or even a set you need to read up about the rods you can use to accentuate their great look.  

These nuggets tend to a great impact on how you feel while taking a shower. Generally, they are meant purely to be functional, but with some little imagination, they can impart a new look to your shower curtains and consequently your bathroom.   

Shower curtain rods are generally round and are made of metal, aluminum, or very light steel e.g. steel with chrome finish. Some use a plastic cover in order to cater for a wide variety of colors.

Painted ones are generally best paired with plastic rings, since other types will usually scratch them. They are normally placed 74 to 78 inches above floor level. You can also find some with concealed screw brackets in stainless, brass, and chrome and neo-angle. We discuss the varieties in the next paragraph.   

There are many great styles for you to choose from. They come in straight or curved styles i.e. They can be straight, D-shaped, circular or rectangular or even a U-shaped. All these shower curtain rods are ideal for corner showers.

Outfitting your bathroom with unique shower curtains hung on a curved shower curtain rod help create some space around your bath - they give you the sense of a larger tub and an extra elbow room.  

For example some rods like the Tension shower curtain rods can extend to fit the width of your tub. So whatever your requirement, you can find most of them adjusted, either by extensions or by reducing one or both ends, depending on the shape. You can find those that are designed to be cut to size and fit corner showers. The good part is, installing curved shower curtain rods are easier than you think, most of the time they come complete in a package.  

Some examples of the best include, the Tubular neo angle shower curtain rods, which has mounting brackets, straight and tubular brass with die cast wall flanges and mounting hardware.

You can find the latter in designer finishes. Some more include, Trak rods that are made of aluminum with plastic glide pins and Dynasty Shower curtain rods. By the way they should be shipped with mounting brackets.   

Normally, shower curtain rods can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store. Discount and bed and bath stores also carry a variety of rods. It is interesting to note that these items can be purchased for just a few dollars but look like a million bucks when used appropriately. 

As mentioned earlier Whatever may be your requirement these accessories are easily adjustable, either by extensions or by reducing one or both ends. So when you are out looking for your dragonfly,  country, pooh, Frog shower curtain or whichever make and print-art you love, remember how important it is to also give a careful consideration to the shower curtain rods you would be using.


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