Shower Curtain hooks

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It is not easy to notice the kind of difference shower curtain hooks can bring to your bathroom d├ęcor. When properly coordinated with the bathroom ensemble, they can add a very nice finishing touch. These hooks can be bought as individual items or with the whole bath accessories.  

Typical shower curtain hooks are made of metal or injection molded plastic - for example, sturdy plastic with a snap closure. They are built to slide along the surface of a rod to allow the users to easily swing the curtain open or shut.

While the plastic rings are more difficult to hang they're, however, less likely to scratch painted curtain rods. There also are those that are round and have a well polished metal structure e.g. antique copper-plated over solid brass and you can also find some snap-on ones that make installation easy.   

Some shower curtain hooks are painted silver and have a teardrop-shape ring that clamps shut. If you happen to have be interested in the latter, make sure that you also have brushed silver or chrome fixtures in your bathroom. Regardless of the other finishes in the room, the curtain rings shouldn't clash with the rod.  

You can decorate plain shower curtain hooks for a fraction of the price you'd pay for those fancy hooks found at department stores. They are often packaged in sets of 12 to fit with shower curtain. 

If you are buying for your children, then you should consider finding those that have some popular characters such as Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Hello Kitty and Nemo to name just a few.

For example you can buy Mickey Mouse shower curtain hooks that are shaped like his icon ears or rubber-duck shower curtain hooks that will make everyone in the family smile. If you or your kids are animal lovers then you can get penguin ones that are perfect for adding a great finishing touch to your decorating efforts. You can also get cat and dogs hooks for about US$8, cheetah or frog  hooks at around that price. At the end of the day, buy what appeals to you and your family.

Some other ones that you can buy include ones that are like Lightning McQueen, Mater, and a lightning bolt, a set of 12 matching Santa shower curtain hooks that are resin with metal and cost around US$12, Brushed nickel, York Shower, American Pacific Princess, Seashell, Corinthia, Canyon and you can even find some Tommy Hilfiger Gumball Shower Curtain Hooks. There are larger seashell ones for those that want to make a bolder statement.  

Over and above the variety of colors and designs, shower curtain hooks are available in various sizes and shapes, you need to be clear about your taste before going out to do some shopping for these small but great bathroom accessories.


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