Paisley Shower Curtain  Reviews

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 Freshen up the look of your bath with a colorful paisley shower curtain. This article will provide some very useful information about this great item for your bathroom. After all, shower curtains are not only meant to serve their functional purpose of blocking water from spilling all over the bathroom but they can also be use for decorative purposes. They are elegant and have the ability to bring a bath to life.         

A paisley fabric is fresh and fashionable, in most cases, it is washable and dry cleanable. All this makes it quite easy to handle and a favorite for interior decorators.

For example, If you've ever handled a Minky Cuddle Plush Paisley fabric and felt its softness and luxurious aura, then you understand what we mean. Other than shower curtains, a paisley fabric is good for pillows, throws, drapes, bed sheets, upholstery, silky soft robes and even baby blankets.   

You can buy those printed in either traditional or contemporary patterns and come in different color options from tan, green red, purple, black, white etc. This means there is what is called Upholstery paisley, drapery paisley, silk paisley, wool paisley, dress and blouse paisely.   

After the hundreds of reviews I have done, I can say with confidence that there are a variety of options to choose from. You can choose to buy one that is 100% linen, one that features a whimsical updated take on the classic paisley and has some Playful palette of green, yellows and pinks, one with Chunky Loop Rug, extra long or one with whole-yard increments.  

Some specific examples include, the Croscill's "Royal Paisley" shower curtain, which is made of jacquard fabric, Jabara, Waterford Conor, Pottery Barn CLAIRE, Micro-Denier Suede Small and the Vintage Paisley Shower Curtain from

You can also buy these from Home & Garden Bath, Amazon, Overstock, Yahoo Shopping, to name just a few online retailers.

You can buy these paisley curtains in different color combinations. Often the online retail stores offer a drop down menu to choose a color option when shopping on their site.

You can choose between colors such as ivory, white, red, balck, rich cocoa, pink, khaki, green beige and many more other options. You can even simply click on images that show the exact colors you may want.  Also try to look up the White Toile Paisley to see if it suites your taste. 

In most cases, you do not have to pay the actual cost of your product online. Competition has made it very cheap to buy online. So while you are looking for your paisley shower curtain, try to find some excellent bargains. Use auction websites like and also look for auctions that are due to end. You should buy your paisley shower curtains from one bargain online shopping outlet, buy from a bargain shopping retailer that is closer to where you would want the items delivered or to reduce shipping costs, you can buy from sites that offer drop shipping services.  

These are just a few of the recommendations to consider. You can read our discount shower curtain set article for more information on this.




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