Hookless Shower Curtains  Review 

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There is nothing as disheartening as seeing a beautiful shower curtain hung with cheap, old and unmatched rings. If you have a bathroom like that then you need to consider buying a hookless shower curtain for a more elegant look and feel. This is the simplest way to beautify your bathroom in a quick and easy fashion.        

As the name suggests, with hookless shower curtains, you do not need any rings or hooks to attach to your shower rod. They are pretty easy to install i.e. can be done without removing the shower bar. This also applies to when you need to remove them i.e. you still do not need to remove the rod. Most of them are designed to simply fold over a shower rod and snap instantly. Just press the flexible rings onto your existing rod and you are done!  

Other than being simply and beautiful, they are durable and economical because you never have to buy any hooks or rings. They are reasonably priced too. We will mention some prices later on.  

Types of hookless shower curtains  

There are different varieties of this home improvement product especially in terms of the way they attach to the shower rod or bar. Also, they can be made of either one plastic or two layers of plastic, can come in large re-enforced holes or built in Flex-on rings. These are only a few examples of many varieties available for sale both online and offline.  

Just like traditional shower curtains, they also come in a variety of colors and styles; For example, you can buy a hook less shoer curtain that wraps over the top of the curtain rods and is snapped or fastened in place, one with inner plastic liner, one whose material is polyester plain fabric or polyester jacquard fabric, one made with built-in grommets, those that come in fabric or vinyl and in solid colors and patterns and one that comes equipped with a built-in flexible split-ring system. 

As you can see, there are a number of options to choose from. Let us continue to provide you with some more options. We will them be more specific about the brand you can buy and at what price.  

In terms of color, you can also choose from a wide range of color options from pink, blue, purple, black, red, brown, white to green, yellow, orange, spotted colors, striped and more. Some examples include, beige solid print with clear window, one that comes in multi-colored circles against clear vinyl base, Hookless shower certain with multi-colored butterflies against clear vinyl base, white Hookless® Litchfield and an embossed one with lighter, brighter window panel.  

Some interesting ones that are slightly different from the typical ones we are accustomed to include, the Arcs & Angles Hook less shower curtain, which comes with sleek beautiful ARC curved crescent shaped shower rod bar expanding the bath area.

You can also find some with different animal prints like dolphins, frog, duck, bear, monkey and cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Disney princess and Dragon fly. Some other options include, a nautical, double swag and paisley hook less shoer curtains.

Buy Ringless Shower Curtains  

Below we provide some few examples of the specific ringless/hookless shower curtain you can buy. This is not a conclusive list, so do take some time to visit other pages in this site of the web for more options.  

You can buy yourself the Mystery hook less fabric shower curtain. It is waterproof, 100% 300D polyester, has magnets and ultrasonically cut bottom. Buy this certain at about USD30.  A double hookless with snap in liner and sheer window. It is also water repellant, has a Chevron pattern fabric and chrome domed rings. Buy this one at about USD50. Lastly, you can buy the White Litchfield Fabric one at around the average price as presented above.  

Other bathroom accessories  

While you are out buying your hookless shower curtain, remember that your bathroom will not be complete without other bath amenities like rugs, towels, decorative mirrors, tooth brush holder to name just a few. So take some time to also find those accessories that will complement the look and feel well enough to make you want to take a longer bath or shower.



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