Fabric Shower Curtain Review

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Are you considering updating your bathroom décor? there is more you can do than just adding some decorative bathroom mirrors. For example, you can buy yourself a great fabric shower curtain, which you can find in a variety of options - like a classic toile print in black and white, shabby chic, moose, palm tree shower curtain and more.

The fabric shower curtain is used by most hotels mostly because it is a great advance over plastic and represents the hotels status well.   

While Some of them are very tightly woven and perfect for cold weather you can use some to  really put the look of your bathroom together. For instance, with a bright white one you can bring a  light, airy feel and fresh, clean look to your shower and bathroom décor. If you take some time to do your search, you can even find a fabric that matches the fabric of your window curtains.   

You can buy a cotton rich one that is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, an elegant one made of  55% polyester, 45% nylon and comes in an assortment of colors like red, green, blue, yellow and more.

You can add a subtle decorative touch with one that is 100% polyester like the Jasmine Shower Curtain or a Natasha shower curtain. The latter is made with a 100% cotton Waverly® yellow and blue stripe print fabric. Keep in mind that a good shower curtain fabric will not shrink with repeated washing. 

While you search for  a good fabric shower curtain, you also need to be thinking about how to protect it e.g. having water soaking through it is not good at all. You can save yourself from any future trouble by using a liner. Fabric liners are very luxurious and used by the best hotels.

For example, you can use a Hotel Fabric Shower Curtain Liner - these are usually of polyester and resists mildew and bacteria. Interestingly, some are so appealing they can even be used as the actual curtain.  

An example is the Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner. You can, if you prefer it this way, buy one that includes the liner (consider one that comes with a vinyl liner).  

For those that love animal prints, they can buy one with a zebra print or a  dog print. There are a lot of other varieties available these days like a western, lighthouse or outhouse.

Alternatively if you are looking for a more contemporary approach then consider a Byzantine Curtain. It is Multi Bold and has rich hues of aubergine.  

Below we give you a few more examples of what you can buy in order to heighten up the look of your bathroom.   

You can buy discounted Milan one from Overstock or Home & Garden Store, a Leopard one that you can find at around $16.99, Fluent Stripe Fuschia By Wamsutta, Maya Peach Patchwork Fabric Shower Curtains.

You can also try a solid metropolitan design with the Trella Taupe or with a Metropolis Chocolate. You can make the metropolitan design to Coordinate well with bath accessories. For example a striped one can go well with a carrington stripe bath accessories.  

Alternatively try a luxury one that has a colorful beach and sea theme or one with a contemporary gold grid pattern. What you must keep in mind here is that a great pattern or color can really make a bathroom look fantastic, so it is important that you explore your options carefully when searching. Of course, you might not want to choose a one based on looks alone.

Keep in mind that, although fabric shower curtains are an expensive way of adding a splash of colour to your bathroom décor they can be difficult to keep clean and maintain.


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